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Vital Leaf™ is a purpose-driven CBD wellness company that infuses the healing potential of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract into our products. We take a Plant Forward CBD™ approach to formulating all our products. We source only the finest organic, plant-based, fair trade, regenerative, and ethically sourced ingredients to ensure that our products are of the highest quality while simultaneously stewarding positive change in the environment and communities we interact with.

Vital Leaf™ is founded on the commitment to create pure, premium products using organic & impeccably sourced real food ingredients that ultimately support the user’s wellbeing. We want to improve accessibility to this beneficial plant and prove that you can have both delicious indulgence and a greater sense of vitality!

At Vital Leaf™, we know that quality begins at the source. We carefully select every ingredient that goes into our products, seeking the most ethical options available including certified organic, fair-trade, and regenerative sources. Our Oregon Hemp Farmers are giving rise to a whole new sustainable hemp industry & revolution! We are proud to source our full-spectrum hemp extract oil from regenerative, sun-grown, non-GMO, organic farmers from across our beautiful home of Cascadia.

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