Overview of CBD ingestion Methods

There are many different ways one can consume CBD and its no surprise this can be confusing to the consumer. How do you determine which method is best for you? Arm yourself with some knowledge before heading down to Two Moons CBD. I have typed up a list of pros and cons of the most popular ways to ingest CBD.


Sublingual drops, or tinctures are the most popular way for consumers to ingest CBD. You have a rich network of veins under your tongue and drops are absorbed directly into the blood stream. Our liver metabolizes most of the CBD when absorbed through the GI tract and this method avoids the “first pass effect” of the liver. CBD begins to take effect in under 30 minutes and lasts for at least 5 hours. Unfortunately, some people find that they do not like taste of hemp oil due to the strong cannabis undertones. There are flavored oils to opt for if this is the case.

Capsules and Edibles

CBD capsules are swallowed and absorbed through the GI tract. Capsules are longer acting and great for those who have difficulty staying asleep. Capsules are a great option for people who do not like the taste of sublingual CBD oil. Unfortunately, capsules are metabolized by the liver’s first pass effect and a higher dosage is typically needed. Edibles act similarly in the body and are great for children who do not like the taste. They are also effective as a long acting supplement for sleep, anxiety and pain. 


Inhalation CBD is a fast acting method of controlling acute onset anxiety and pain. Specifically, the flower is the least processed method and the user will experience the full entourage effect. Users can customize effects based on terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Vape oil is an easy, discreet method of CBD inhalation. The buyer should be aware of additives such as Polyethylene Glycol, Diacetal, and Vegetable Glycerin. There are no studies that provide evidence these chemicals are safe for inhalation. Choose products that are free from carrier oils and cartridges that have ceramic coils. The advantage of vaping is that it is very easy to titrate dosing.


CBD topicals are great for areas of pain, inflammation and itching. Topicals are effective for localized areas of the body and are great for both regular and as needed usage. We have CB1 and CB2 receptors in our skin, specifically in immune cells. CBD topicals quiet the inflammatory response by limiting pro-inflammatory molecules from being released during a chronic stimulus.

Read more about the various ingestion methods by Dr. Dustin Sulak. https://healer.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Healer.WorkBook.ShoppingGuide.pdf

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FDA Disclaimer

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