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Appalachian Wyld Botanical's Tending to thy Roots Relax Blend is a caffeine free herbal tea blend that promotes relaxation as it allows you to feel grounded after a long day. This amazing blend can also help with digestion if enjoyed after a light meal. This Tea is fruity and light with afternotes of rose and calendula. As the herbs infuse into your water, a beautiful red hue will appear.

Made with the finest organic ingredients of Calendula, Rose, Lemon Balm, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena

Appalachian Wyld Botanical's Prana To Thy Heart Solace Blend is a caffeine free herbal tea blend that helps restore overall balance during challenging times.  It also aids with managing stress while uplifting the heart for a more centered and grounded sense of being. This top seller tea blend is deliciously sweet, pungent, and warm with notes of floral rose. This blend contains holy basil which is an adaptogenic that aids in helping the body resist stressors of all kinds.

Made with the finest organic ingredients of Hawthorn, Rose, Holy Basil

Add 1-2 Tbs of loose leaf herb to 6-8 ounces of boiling water. Let steep and Enjoy!

You can re-steep once more using the same leaves for a second cup

All of our handmade loose-leaf herbal teas are made with the finest organic ingredients, love, and intention.

Each herbal tea comes with amazing benefits for thy body, mind, spirit, and soul.

These teas are fragrant, tasteful, and soothing.

I invite you to take the time for yourself to relax, allowing yourself to feel grounded, while showing up to be your fullest potential with every sip.

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Appalachian Wyld Botanicals was built in the heart of Western North Carolina, on love, years of visions, whimsical day dreams, and passion. A passion to create the best organic products to help the body, mind, spirit, and soul thrive to their fullest potential. Appalachian Wyld Botanicals was built on many days smelling the flowers in the crisp mountains, dancing in the waters, listening to the plants speak, and hearing the thunder roar. Finding the interconnection of all things living.

After years of studying herbalism, we are here to share the benefits and power of plant medicine with the world. This business is a pure outcome of helping others live in their truth, living with the seasons of nature, and honoring thyself.

All of our products are crafted by hand with intention and love. Our mission is to make products that are sustainably made, helping each of you find your inner peace- We all deserve only the best to thrive. Our Apothecary is composed of organic and ethically grown botanicals. We aim to only source the best medicine from our heart to yours.

Our founder, Savannah, started pouring her heart into Appalachian Wyld in 2018 slowly and intentionally. Growing many of the herbs herself in her home garden and watching their spirits come alive. These plants allow us to silence the mind and tune into their medicine.

“What a honor it is to be here sharing this experience with you. Created with our hearts wide open welcome.”- Savannah Bayliss

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