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The Balm all purpose healing salve is a must have for pretty much anyone. If you are living life to the fullest you are sure to have a few bumps scrapes, bites, stings and boo boos through the summer while winter can bring dry, chapped skin and lips and sensitive noses. We could all use a general all purpose healing ointment to take care of these first aid needs, as well as nourish and heal our skin, our largest organ and first defense to the outside world. Here, we have merged some topical herbal rockstars to create The BALM. It can be used on cuts, scrapes, dry and chapped lips and hands, diaper rashes, bee stings, bruises, bug bites, itchy skin, splinters, wounds, stretch marks and quite a few other things. Because of Comfrey's ability to increase cell production and heal over skin rapidly, The BALM is NOT suggested for puncture wounds. But pretty much everything else. This is essentially your herbal antibiotic ointment. A must have for your first aid kit, in your bathroom vanity and by your bedside.

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The Balm Healing Salve herban legend: I have been with these plants from their start as a seed and through their first small leaves emerging, witnessing their blossoms and leaves die back during the late chills of fall. Watching them grow into maturity throughout the changing season. Each of these green and blossoming friends was grown and harvested from or around my gardens in the Reems Creek Valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountain of Western North Carolina mountains. The golden blossoms of Calendula have been hand harvested mid day, at their peak opening. Each day these beauties open and close with the sun. These resinous flowers are celebrated for their anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent, antifungal, antiviral, and immunostimulant properties, which make them useful in disinfecting and treating minor wounds, irritations and infections of the skin.

In Homer's Iliad, legendary warrior Achilles uses yarrow to treat the wounds of his fallen comrades. Indeed, constituents in yarrow make it a fine herb for accelerating healing of cuts and bruises. The species name, millefolium, is Latin for "a thousand leaves," referring to the herb's fine feathery foliage, which has been infused (as well as the umbellate flowers), into the oils of this salve. The abundant and healing "weed" Plantain is a first-choice remedy for many skin ailments. It is safe and effective, for bee stings, bleeding, cuts, bruises, bug bites, and itchy skin.

It is revered for drawing out infection, stingers and splinters. Comfrey can be used for minor injuries of the skin, where it will work to increase cell production, causing wounds to heal over rapidly. All of these herbs were individually harvested and infused by the sun in organic olive oil. Then blended to make this healing rub. These 1 oz tins have a screw top threaded lid for ease of opening, yet to keep your salve snug in its container. Small batches may vary, due to the whims of my hands and heart, as well as the gifts of the plants.

***This information is for educational purposes and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure. Please communicate with your primary care provider with concerns and always listen to your body.

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