Otherside Hemp Full Moon Honey Serum


Our Full Moon Honey Serum is from an ancient recipe handed down by a Mexican-Guatemalan Curandera (Traditional Medicine Person.)

It begins on the New Moon with prayers and then depending on its intention, the physical medicine-making starts on a specific moon phase and ends when its done. Anywhere from 1 to 3 moon phases is the usual “cooking time.” The total process ends on the Wisdom Moon, ensuring the final blessing of the ancient ones.

This 1:3:2:1:1 batch blesses you with the power of the Full Moon light to heal. It ends with Joy/Gratitude for its work in your body and soul.

Contains Water, Plant Glycerine, Sandy Mush Honey, Hemp Flower, Moon Majia.

11 mg per 1 ml in a 60 ml bottle = 660 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract