Spiral Roots Sanctuary Elderberry Elixir Syrup


Elderberry Elixir Syrup – Appalachian Made

A incredible immune boosting elixir! In addition to elderberry, this includes rose hips (vitamin C) and honeysuckle (anti inflamitory and indicated for upper respiratory).

Ingredients: Wildcrafted Elderberry & Flower, Wildcrafted Mullein, Wildcrafted Japanese Honeysuckle, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Echinacea, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Cardamom, Organic Clove, Organic Cinnamon, Raw, Unfilitered Appalchian Honey, Brandy as a preservative

Elderberry Elixir is full of all of the yummy things to nourish the body & the soul all year long!

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Tinctured for at least 6 weeks and shelf stable so you can take it anywhere!

Suggested Use: Take 1/4 tsp to 1 tsp 3x daily in water as needed.

** for supportive use only and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a medical advisor before using herbs especially if pregnant, nursing, or on medication. This statement not evaluated by the FDA.

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