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Spiral Roots Sanctuary Salves in 2 fl. oz. Tin


We always use Homegrown, Wildcrafted & Organically Sourced herbs! We value the health of our customers, ourselves, and the planet which is why we NEVER use chemicals in any of our products or processes. We grow and harvest as much as we can ourselves, with sustainability and reverence to the Earth as our number one priority.

All-Purpose Salve & Body Butter - A Gardener's best friend!

Great for:
*Softening hands & skin
*Minor cuts, burns, & stings
*Use on lips as a daily lip balm

Black Drawing Salve - Our Black Drawing Salve uses Activated Charcoal & Bentonite Clay to aid in drawing out splinters, relive itchy, painful bug bites , poison ivy/poison sumac and is wonderful for acne and zits!

Cayenne Lemongrass Sore Muscle + Joint Rub - Soothe your muscles and joints with this warming Cayenne Joint & Muscle Rub!

Directions: For best results, apply rub to affected area and then add a warm & damp compress. The dampness and heat opens up the pores so that the capsaicin from the cayenne can do its thing!


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All Purpose Salve, Black Drawing Salve, Cayenne Lemongrass Salve

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