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Asheville Craft Cannabis Premium Greenhouse Hemp Flower - 3.5 grams per Jar


Asheville Craft Cannabis hemp products are hand-crafted in the mountains of North Carolina, exemplifying organic and regenerative practices.

Hemp flower contains an array of terpenes and cannabinoids that provide the scientifically-backed "entourage effect" for the maximum benefit that the plant offers. With hemp flower these effects are almost instantaneous and distinct cultivars allow you to discover what variety offers the best experience for you.

Our jars of hemp flower are sealed in a reusable, recyclable jar and are nitrogen purged for freshness. Each is marked with a batch number that allows you to track all product testing through our website.

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Where indoor meets outdoor: the perfect marriage of science and nature. In greenhouses, we are able to approximate the level of environmental controls achieved during indoor growing, while allowing the plants all the benefits of natural sunlight.

Our greenhouses give us the space to take the our select hemp strains and grow them in larger batches year-round. We take full advantage of sunlight but we employ our highly efficient lighting and light deprivation technology in order to keep plants in their growing cycle no matter the season.

Plants are nourished by compost tea made in-house of exclusively OMRI certified inputs, allowing us to strengthen the health of the soil and make stronger plants.

When it comes to pest and pathogen prevention, we use bio-fungicide and bio-insecticide. This means that instead of any chemical-based products, we inoculate all surfaces of the plant with an array of beneficial fungi that are harmless to humans. They completely prevent harmful insects. Simultaneously, we inoculate with multiple species of beneficial bacteria which prevent the presence of harmful mold and fungi. We also introduce select strains of beneficial nematodes from our good friends at Appalachian Scientific. These are microscopic critters that guard against soil-dwelling pests such as fungus gnats and root mites. Creating this network of bio-defenses, we let nature balance nature.

Two Moons cannot and does not make any claims that products containing CBD will improve any medical symptoms or conditions. Statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. We encourage customers to seek proper medical advice before making any dietary changes. You must be 18 years of age or older to consume this product. Contains less than .3% delta-9 THC by dry weight.

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