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Asheville Craft Cannabis hemp products are hand-crafted in the mountains of North Carolina, exemplifying organic and regenerative practices.

Hemp flower contains an array of terpenes and cannabinoids that provide the scientifically-backed "entourage effect" for the maximum benefit that the plant offers. With hemp flower these effects are almost instantaneous and distinct cultivars allow you to discover what variety offers the best experience for you.

Our jars of hemp flower are sealed in a reusable, recyclable jar and are nitrogen purged for freshness. Each is marked with a batch number that allows you to track all product testing through our website.



The indoor hemp flower growing environment allows us to scientifically recreate and improve upon the natural environment. Indoors, plants are pushed to produce ideal characteristics through specific light, water and nutrient inputs.

Each flowering chamber features independent, state of the art, remotely automated equipment to control air speed, temperature, humidity, lighting conditions, etc. These systems are connected to a remote generator since an unforeseen loss of power can compromise the ongoing processes in the facility.

All of our plants are grown from the start in living, organic soil. When we support a natural biome that includes an array of beneficial bacteria, fungi, trichoderma, etc. that have symbiotic water needs and assist in breaking down nutrients, we utilize a natural barrier of protection against disease and pathogens for the root system and the plant as a whole. Nature becomes the caretaker and we are allowed to work less by omitting harmful chemical products. In return, we experience added depths of character beyond what meets the eye in our hemp flower.

Black Dog LED lights produce a spectrum that includes UV-C and infrared light, closely mimicking natural sun light. The harshness of the UV-C rays does assist in plant management by helping to control the plant's vertical growth. The canopy structure of the plant becomes more horizontal with more compact leaves and more leaves overall which helps to provide shade to the soil. This also provides more flowering sites and a structural strength to support the weight of the plant's own buds. Conveniently, the extreme level of UV light also does a portion of pathogen and mold control in the environment as these short-wavelength rays are effective in disinfecting air and surfaces.

Two Moons cannot and does not make any claims that products containing CBD will improve any medical symptoms or conditions. Statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the FDA. We encourage customers to seek proper medical advice before making any dietary changes. You must be 18 years of age or older to consume this product. Contains less than .3% delta-9 THC by dry weight.

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