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USDA gives hemp farmers breathing room on THC, testing, but retains DEA requirement

Hemp producers will have more breathing room under newly released rules on the federally mandated THC levels before they are declared criminally negligent, with the margin of error increasing from a total of 0.5% to 1% THC.
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Hemp licenses up, but acreage down in 2020 – yet industry is optimistic for growth

For all the growth that the hemp and CBD industry has seen as a nascent industry in recent years, last year farmers took a step back and devoted fewer resources to the crop – the enthusiasm of previous years tempered by oversupply, supply-chain issues and a lack of infrastructure.
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3 Ways to Prevent Your Hemp Harvest From Growing Hot

The best way to prevent ‘hot hemp’ is to choose cultivars that will test below the federal threshold of 0.3% THC. But keeping the heat off requires so much more, experts say.
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Interest in Hemp Fiber Rising as Farmers Look to 2021

While interest in growing hemp for fiber rose in 2020, the supply chain still has hurdles to overcome.
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Hemp’s climate change opportunity

Everyone knows the planet’s changing temperatures are creating dramatic swings in weather that threaten our very survival. But global warming could also be the kind of problem that provides hemp companies with opportunities that former generations couldn’t imagine.
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